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Official WFA Sports Photographer: The WFA AGM


I had the opportunity to photograph the FIRST EVER WFA Annual General Meeting.

Workshop A - England DNA: Creating the Future of England Talent

Colin Gordon, England Head Coach will be delivering a workshop discussing the attributes required required for a player to compete at international level. Using video analysis it will highlight how we can encourage young players to play, produce and nurture the talent of the future.

Workshop B - Sustainability in Powerchair Football: Changing the Rules of the Game

Matt Dimbylow, CEO of DBA Sport will deliver an insight into how clubs can best structure themselves to help secure funding and support to ensure our clubs are sustainable and financially secure.

Workshop C - Classification in Powerchair Football: Dispelling the Myths

Stewart Evans, WFA Head of Classification will hold a workshop to discuss all aspects of classification. This will include an introduction to the basics as well as an open Q&A session.

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