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Boston Marathon Preparation - Krysia.Runs

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I am lucky enough to have a wife who loves running.

During lockdown it was so hard to stay motivated because all sporting and business events, both small and large were cancelled or not allowing the public in to view.

On our one outing of the day, I would spend time photographing Krysia do what she does best and it allowed me to continue working on my photographing technique as well and try to photograph something new, as running had never been something I had worked on before.

In this image, Krysia was doing an interval session of hill sprints and in all honesty, I have NEVER known anyone smile like this during a hill sprint session.

To see her journey or to follow her running please visit: Krysia ☺️🌈🌱 (@krysia.runs) • Instagram photos and videos


Absolutely LOVED that session! 😍

I always dread intervals - especially when I haven’t done that session before. I mainly dread them because I always doubt I can do them! BUT here I am... with a big fat smile on my face because I smashed it!

It’s nice to see that over time my average pace on interval sessions is coming down, even with the distance going up which shows I’m making progress!

A lovely sports massage booked in this evening as my calf’s are solid as a rock 😂

Happy Tuesday/what feels like Monday 🤷‍♀️ ✌️"

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