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Alexandra Johnson Photography - Teeside vs. WBA (9).JPG

Adam McEvoy, the National Development Manager for The Wheelchair Football Association stated:

"The quality of imagery that Alexandra Johnson Photography regularly provides for us means we have fantastic photographs to use for all elements of the work we do. She always gets on with her work effectively and efficiently!"


The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) are the governing body for the sport of powerchair football in England. The WFA are recognised by the Football Association (The FA) as the sports lead organisation and their Laws are sanctioned by them. Intially the WFA ran as a voluntary organisation before becoming a registered charity and then a charity incorporated organisation in 2015. 


Their vision is to build a professional and sustainable organisation in order to provide opportunities for people with a physical impairment to access Powerchair Football across England. They strive to promote, govern and develop the sport whilst maintaining our core organisational values.

The WFA aim to ensure that Powerchair Football is accessible to the widest number of its target audience. They encourage and promote the sport of Powerchair Football with the object of improving conditions of life and to assist in their integration into the game of football and to society as a whole.


In October 2016, Alexandra Johnson Photography was invited as apart of Nottingham City of Football to photograph a weekend of the National League held at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham Trent University. 


The brief was to photograph action shots throughout the Muscular Dystrophy Championship opening weekend for a series of games (each lasting two twenty minute halves.) 

Having never photographed any form of wheelchair based sport before, Alexandra fell in love. The sheer determination, passion and energy each player, coach and team had was and is truly inspirational. 

Alexandra has since continued to work alongside the Wheelchair Football Association on other events and workshops with many of the images appearing in local publications and online platforms.

These works have since lead on Alexandra working alongside the European Powerchair Football Association (EPFA) at the Champions Cup (Denmark) and Goals Beyond Grass charity at the Geneva Cup (Geneva.) 

Alexandra Johnson Photography - Sevenoaks vs. WBA (4).JPG
Alexandra Johnson Photography - Nomads vs. Newcastle (1).JPG
Alexandra Johnson Photography - Disability Cup Final - STOCK (3).JPG
Alexandra Johnson Photography - Hull vs. Villa Rockets (3).JPG

Alex is easy to communicate with and discussions of focus are straightforward whereby we know exactly what Alex will provide for us!

Adam McEvoy

National Development Manager

The Wheelchair Football Association



Alexandra Johnson Photography - Disability Cup Final (69).JPG
Alexandra Johnson Photography - Disability Cup Final (40).JPG
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